We create visuals through

ideas and technology.

Tick Mark Films is a team of young, energetic, enthusiastic, dedicated, trained, and experienced media professionals. Since 2021, we have been serving the market. At TMF, we infuse our special brand of imagination and voice into a wide spectrum of films, ranging from fiction to documentaries, animation, and graphically designed formats.
With a young and zealous crew, we bring variety and effervescence to our projects. We understand that we live in a camera-happy world, and after a while, everything can start looking a bit homogenous. That’s why we like to make our work pop out. We enjoy stepping into the chaos barefoot and starting from scratch, aiming to get it right and get it out there. With our experience, we provide efficiency and professionalism.

Our Team Rules

Excellence in Every Frame, Creativity Unleashed, and Client Satisfaction Above All

Love what de do

At Tick Mark Films, our core principle is simple: we love what we do. Passion fuels our creative projects, bringing enthusiasm and dedication to each endeavour. This love for our craft drives us to deliver outstanding video productions, with each frame showcasing our genuine commitment to the art of filmmaking.


At Tick Mark Films, trust forms the bedrock of our collaborations. We believe in fostering transparent relationships with our team members, clients, and partners. Through trust, we create an environment where ideas flourish, creativity thrives, and excellence is achieved. It’s the foundation upon which we build lasting connections and produce remarkable video content.


Clear and open communication is the lifeline of Tick Mark Films. We prioritise transparent dialogue within our team, with clients, and across collaborations. By fostering a culture of effective communication, we ensure seamless understanding, efficient workflows, and the successful realisation of creative visions. At Tick Mark Films, communication isn’t just a rule; it’s the bridge that connects our ideas to impactful visual storytelling. 


Honesty is our guiding principle at Tick Mark Films. We believe in being truthful and transparent in all our interactions, from creative processes to client relationships. Through honesty, we build trust, integrity, and credibility in everything we do.